Rubber Lining Service
NRF is undertaking all kinds of rubber lining such as internal & external rubber coating of pipes, spools, valves, flanges, vessels, expansion joints & specializes in inner lining of chemical storage and electroplating tanks. At present, we are working with our major clients such as SABIC group of companies in Jubail & its affiliates. We have a mobile servicing unit that can carry out the job at project site as well as in NRFC with the support of most modern electronic testing equipment like holiday detector/pin-hole tester.

Conveyor Belts
Manufacturing of Conveyor belts is also one of major undertakings of NRFC. We are able to produce up to 1200mm wide conveyor belt as specified by the customer.

Extruded Rubber Products
NRF can manufacture different types of Extruded products as per customer requirements. NRF can design rubber compound with respect to working conditions and fabricate die for Extruded products.

Molded Rubber Products

NRF can manufacture all types of molded products as per customer requirements. NRF can design rubber compound with respect to working conditions and fabricate die for molded.

Polyurethane Rubber Products
We have manufacturing facility of all types of polyurethane products, including, P.U Sheets, Rollers, Scrappers, Seals, Tubing and all the customized products. Polyurethane is specialty Polymer having excellent properties of the following:

Excellent Load Bearing capacity
High Abrasion Resistance
Oil and Solvent Resistance

Rubber Rollers
Rubber rollers are used in paper & plastic printing as well as food & beverages equipments. Manufacturing of rubber rollers are possible through the accurate formulation of compound/ raw materials with the help of our qualified technical staff and rubber technologists. The lining of rollers, conducted by experienced rubber liners to maintain dimensional accuracy and to avoid various manufacturing defects in the roller. Apart of making new rollers, NRF repairs and re-rubberizes used rollers also.

Expansion Joints
NRFC is also manufacturing expansion coupling & expansion bellows with or without flanges for chemical & non-chemical usage.

Expansion coupling will be of different types as per the usage from 4” to 60” diameter at various length & strength. Polymer and reinforcing material selection depends upon the strength and application.

Rubber Sheets
Plain rubber sheets in various grades of synthetic & natural rubber are also manufactured which can be used for rubber gaskets of 2mm to 20 mm thickness.

Competitive Advantages

Nabha Rubber has several important competitive advantages:

State-of-the-art equipment leads to maximum utility of labor and materials
Economics of Scale
Ability to purchase equipment at a small percentage of market value due to knowledge of the industry players and intimate knowledge of the mechanics of the equipment


Intimate knowledge of and long relationships with customers
Excellent relationships with supplier built up since many years
Flexibility to meet specific customer wants, emergencies and needs ensures ongoing customer satisfaction

Latest equipment

Facility designed to facilitate efficient handling of incoming and outgoing customer material.
Technology transfer agreement with major technology suppliers

Range of Services

A diverse range of rubber product for various applications satisfies the needs of the industry
Laboratory testing facility to comply with customer’s specification requirements
Customer benefits from the simplicity of one facility ordering


We continually re-invest and expand our process capabilities. In-depth research of the development of new products; start up of new applications and implementation of leading edge technology being offered to the marketplace today.

We continually meet and apply all ISO 9001Quality Management System requirements to all services and work procedures. We are the leader in industry for overall environmental progressiveness and compliance