NRF has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification in year 2006 being first Rubber lining company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Quality Policy

Strive for high standard of quality covering all aspect of our business
Delight Customer by generating commitment and competencies in employees through continual training
Maintain Quality Management system by involvement of all stakeholders to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001:2000
Provide adequate resources for continual improvement and business excellence in all the activities
Fulfill all obligations with honesty and integrity

Environmental Policy

Comply with relevant National and International authorities, codes and other environmental related regulatory legislation
Market Environment Friendly Products
Minimize the environmental impacts of Company operations and products by continuous innovation
Safety and health protection of workers throughout the business operations and the end user
Minimize impact on the environment by seeking ways to reduces waste and recycle unavoidable rejects
Identify for safety of people and the environment and impart training at every level
Strive for continual Improvement of the system and to our overall performance

Customer Base
Nabha's main market is the industrial sector and customers are located primarily in Saudi Arabia. Price, quality and service are equally taken into consideration when customers are awarding new business. Contracts are most often awarded for the duration of the model year. We have achieved number of appreciation certificates from our valued customers in recognition of our high quality services to them.

Continuous Improvement
We are committed to the enhancement of quality, customer services, employee relations, health and safety, training, vendor relations. NABHA focuses on continuous improvement in two ways: long and short term goal setting. Our long term goals provide a framework for everything that happen at NABHA. These goals rarely change as they are the foundation of the Company. NABHA short term goals are detailed and quantifiable.

Senior management prepares next three year business and review strategy in the quarterly meetings. Annual company's goals (both financial and non-financial) are set at the start of year and monitored closely through out the year in Steering Committee Meetings. Communication through out the organization is the key to the successful attainment of these goals. Once the goals are put in place, the management team set the strategic initiatives. It is these initiatives that provide entire company the roadmap necessary to reach the goals quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The ability to meet any goal is dependent upon the people involved. NABHA is constantly striving to identify the better ways of rewarding its employees so that when NABHA wins, everybody wins. Feedbacks from our valued customers help NABHA to identify areas of improvement.

The Future
NABHA's first rate abilities, facilities and employees provide the basis for an excellent future. With a solid customer base to work with and key growth opportunities identified, NABHA is in an excellent position to continue winning over the challenges that face the company and industry well into the constantly changing environment.